Wing Corkscrew

$58.00 USD

Enhance your wine rituals and make each uncorking a moment of elegance with our Wing Corkscrew. Crafted from hard-finished cast metal, it's a combination of classic design and modern functionality. Elevate your entertaining experience and enjoy the timeless appeal of this corkscrew. Whether for personal use or as a stylish gift, it adds a touch of sophistication to your wine moments. Cheers to effortless uncorking and a touch of timeless charm!


Effortless Cork Extraction - 
The unique wing design of our corkscrew allows for an effortless and smooth cork removal process. As the wings are pressed down, the spiral effortlessly twists into the cork, ensuring a seamless opening of your favorite bottle of wine.

Universal Bottle Compatibility - This Wing Corkscrew is thoughtfully designed to fit any size bottle. Whether you're uncorking a standard 750ml bottle or a larger one, this corkscrew is up to the task, making it an essential addition to your wine accessories.

All Cork Types, No Problem - No matter the type of cork, our corkscrew handles them all. It works flawlessly on natural, synthetic, or composite corks, providing you with a versatile and reliable tool for every wine occasion.