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Some of Our Favorites

Why we love them...

Because who couldn’t benefit from a little inspiration?? Beautiful paper paired with inspiration makes for the perfect gift. The right words can change the course of history and these meaningful quotes are a perfect reminder to live with purpose.

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Why we love it...

Hands down a favorite of staff and clients alike. This super soft travel blanket comes in multiple styles with a travel case and an eye mask, and is perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit more comfort with them wherever they go. Whether you are traveling thousands of miles or just a few, the quality of this will endure right along with you.

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Why we love it...

Because this smart design isn’t just simply combining the best of simplicity and natural material to achieve its modern industrial aesthetic, but has also solved our everyday space-saving dilemmas, by combining an alarm clock and light into one space-saving sculptural piece. 

Winner of the UK 2018 Gift of the Year Award;  USA 2019 Global Innovation Award Winner and UK 2020 Furniture Award Winner - for good reason!!

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What our customers are saying...

Shopping at Gifted has made the gifting experience an absolute joy. Jill and her team always have exactly the gift you had in mind, and if they don’t, they find it!

Courtney H.

Gifted is like a sanctuary of beauty in these crazy times, with its elegant display of personally selected housewares, books, jewelry, and unique gifts. Jill and her staff are experts at finding the perfect gift in the right price range for every occasion, and everything comes tastefully gift-wrapped. I am always grateful that someone with impeccable taste has done the hard work of sourcing these items, and then I get the credit for giving fantastic gifts!

Julie F.

Amazing store with great, one-of-a-kind gifts. Jill helps me find the exact right present for whatever occasion and even the most particular person. It's a phenomenal shop with excellent customer service.

Aviva W.

As a very busy professional, I have always struggled with gifting: too little time to shop, too many options and a fear of not getting it right. Gifted has come along and saved me! The curation of products is just right for my taste and sensibility, the service is personal and efficient, and the whole process, from start to gift-wrapped finish, is fun and easy. Since finding Gifted I have been giving more gifts and reaping the pleasures of showing love and appreciation to the people in my life. 

Joshua P.

Gifted is an incredible store, the merchandise is so unique and tastefully chosen- you will always find the perfect gift there for ANY age. Every item in the store is unique, beautiful, and functional, could not recommend it more!

Keren W.

Best. Gifts. Ever.

I now buy every gift from Gifted -- anything from a kids birthday to teachers gifts to bar/bat mitzvah gifts to housewarming gifts. Jill's taste is impeccable (I always want to buy EVERYTHING in the store). She has an amazing eye and truly curates with care and thoughtfulness. Plus, its so great to know that I will be able to find a gift for any occasion at Gifted. I couldn't recommend it more.

Lisa K.