Whale Bone Cutting Board - Large

$145.00 USD

Introducing the Whale Bone Cutting Board - Large: Where Function Meets Unparalleled Design!

Discover the artistry and functionality of the Whale Bone Cutting Board - Large, a culinary essential with a simple yet unique design that has captured the hearts of our customers. Crafted for both maximum surface area and utility, this cutting board is a masterpiece in form and function.


Key Features:

- A visually stunning and unique design that combines form and function for an unparalleled cutting experience.
- The thoughtfully designed handle provides a balanced feel, enhancing portability from counter to table.
- Crafted from locally sourced kiln-dried wood, each board measures 14.25” x 17.25” x 1.125” for maximum surface area and utility.
- Oiled and waxed with food-safe finishing products, ensuring the board meets the highest standards of safety for food preparation.
- Designed, produced, and beautifully finished in the Hudson Valley, embodying the spirit of local craftsmanship.