Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991

$50.00 USD

Introducing "Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991" – an exquisite homage to the unparalleled legacy of the 20th century’s foremost pet photographer. Following the success of his celebrated "Cats" collection, Walter Chandoha's profound artistry with dogs comes to life in this captivating sequel.

Explore a captivating journey through canine diversity with over 60 breeds showcased in stunning detail. Chandoha's lens captures the essence of each dog, portraying them in various styles and locales. From vibrant color studio portraits to the raw beauty of black-and-white street scenes, witness dogs freely roaming in picturesque countryside settings, and step back in time with vintage dog show glimpses.

This collection is more than just photographs; it's a testament to Chandoha's boundless tenderness and empathy for these charming canines. Each image immortalizes the unique personality and spirit of the subjects, creating a heartfelt connection between the viewer and the four-legged companions frozen in time.