Jill Lefferman - Owner

Jill adores choosing and giving gifts (of course with beautiful wrappings) to the special people in her life and is rather "gifted" at helping others to choose perfect gifts for themselves and those they love.
It is the belief that gifting makes people think more about others and less about themselves and that this generosity of spirit makes our communities and society better that inspired Jill to create GIFTED.

Jill's current store favorite is the LOVE Travel Blanket Set. Nothing says love like giving the gift of comfort to your favorite travel companion.

Jill's Favorite

Leigh Choueke - Project Manager

Leigh is our manager here at Gifted. She is a Mom to three and in her previous life before kids spent a few years living in China, sourcing materials for the largest cosmetic bag manufacturer in the world. Since returning to the states, she has made it her mission to support small local businesses. The best part of being at Gifted is supporting a small business, meeting new people every day and hearing about the people they are shopping for. She also still gets to use her sourcing skills to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 

Leigh's favorite items in the store are the personalized Felix bag, the KooKoo kid's alarm clock, and the Melamine Cutting/Challah Board. Being able to personalize a gift adds such a thoughtful touch to any gift, and the alarm clock is fun and functional at home and on the road.

Leigh's Favorite
Liora Rothchild

Liora Rothchild - Reder

Liora has been part of Gifted since its inception. She had a career in Market Research but stopped working after her two kids were born. Now that she is an empty nester, she loves being back at work and staying busy. What Liora loves the most about working at Gifted is helping people find great gifts for loved ones who are hard to shop for. You can find a thoughtful gift for anyone, even for those who have everything. Liora loves her time at the store, being surrounded with great, original gifts. She enjoys working with the other Gifted team members and enjoys meeting new customers on a daily basis.

Liora's favorite items in the store are the Giraffe Baby Blanket Set (that can be personalized) and the Rainbow Atlas book which is a perfect gift for someone who appreciates art and loves to travel.

Liora's Favorite
Julie Singer

Julie Singer

Julie is a recovering lawyer and almost-empty nester who was a Gifted customer before she joined the team. She lives in the neighborhood and loves being part of, and supporting a local, woman-owned business. She takes great satisfaction in working with our customers to find just the right item for their friends and love ones. 

Julie’s current store favorites are the beautiful and sustainable Madras bowls. Coming in a range of sizes, they're the ideal gift for someone who loves to host and appreciates the small details.

Julie's Favorite

Lauren Ashkenazi

Lauren's Favorite

Selin Torum

Selin greatly values small business and what it brings to a community/neighborhood regardless of how large or small its surrounding area is. She has a BA in Cultural Anthropology and enjoys learning about various cultures and people and comes from a multicultural background and perspective. Amongst her hobbies are history, pop culture, film, music and a flair for cuisine and pop culture! One of her favorite items in the shop is The Sneaker Book, which is ideal for any footwear and fashion aficionado and Louis Sherry Chocolates which are perfect for the foodie in your life (with a sweet tooth)!

Selin's Favorite