Surf & Stay

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Embark on a journey beyond the waves with Surf & Stay, a meticulously crafted guide designed for surfers, sea enthusiasts, and those seeking more than just the thrill of the ocean. Ideal for aficionados of freshly baked pastries, beachfront boutique hotels, and idyllic camper spots, this book is your passport to a salt-colored holiday adventure.

Explore seven captivating regions through the lens of Surf & Stay: Cornwall, West Flanders, South Brittany, La Côte Basque, Cantabria, Tenerife, and Alentejo. Immerse yourself in a meticulously mapped route that unveils the best surfing spots, culinary delights, and dreamy accommodations each region has to offer.

Surf & Stay isn't just for surfers—it's a treasure trove of coastal culture spanning 256 pages. Authored by Veerle Helsen, a seasoned travel and architecture journalist with a passion for surf, photography, food, and design, this book is a testament to her dedication to capturing the essence of coastal living. Veerle embarked on a sabbatical in 2018, solo-traveling in a camper along the surf coasts of Spain and Portugal, resulting in the first edition of Surf & Stay.

In this second edition, Veerle shares her extensive knowledge, guiding both surfers and non-surfers alike through the coastal wonders she has discovered. Let the pages of Surf & Stay transport you to the heart of coastal beauty, providing insights into the best places to surf, savor delectable meals, and find restful sleep.