Strawberry Pendant

$28.00 USD

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Introducing our exquisite Strawberry Pendant, a perfect blend of sophistication and charm. Crafted with precision and passion, this enchanting piece is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The Strawberry Pendant is made from high-quality 18k Gold Plated Brass, ensuring not only a luxurious aesthetic but also durability that lasts a lifetime.

The metal finish is meticulously polished to perfection, enhancing the radiant glow of the gold plating. The attention to detail doesn't stop there – each pendant is adorned with hand-painted enamel, adding a touch of artistry and uniqueness to every piece. The vibrant red of the strawberry is brought to life through careful craftsmanship, making this pendant a wearable work of art.

To suit your individual style, the adjustable chain allows for a versatile length ranging from 14 to 16 inches, ensuring a comfortable and customizable fit. The secure Spring Clasp adds ease and convenience, making it effortless to adorn yourself with this delightful accessory.

Measuring at a dainty 10 x 10 mm, the Strawberry Pendant is a subtle yet striking addition to any ensemble, perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Packaged in an elegant gift box, it makes for a thoughtful present for yourself or a loved one.