Modern Beaded Kiddish Cup

$350.00 USD

A unique Kiddush cup with a handcrafted silver three-row pearl/bead strip at the bottom. The wine goblet has a clean and smooth finish and this the oxidation bead strip gets the central and prominent attention of this very elegant goblet. The inside of the cup is coated with a layer of gold to prevent the oxidization process that may occur between silver and wine ensuring that the wine will always taste pure and fresh. The rim of the cup is rounded outwards, thus reinforcing the goblet.

Highest quality silver hallmark: BIER 925 Jerusalem
24 Karat Gold Plated inside to keep the quality of the wine

Rim/top Diameter: 6cm // 2.36 inches
Base: 4.5cm // 1.7 inches
Height: 9cm // 3.54 inches
Weight: 82g // 2.6 Troy ounces