Sneaker Head

$55.00 USD

The Sneaker Head gift set is a perfect choice for those who embrace sneaker culture as a form of self-expression and style. With a complete sneaker cleaning kit and an insightful book, this collection not only keeps your sneakers looking their best but also deepens your appreciation for the sneaker world. Step into a world of fresh, fashionable sneakers and immerse yourself in sneaker culture with this remarkable ensemble.

Gift Includes:

Sneaker Cleaning Kit -
Dirty kicks will be spruced up in a flash with this Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Gentlemen's Hardware. Ideal for a swift restoration and a back to a box-fresh appearance. Includes 120ml bottle of tough-on-stains cleaning fluid, cleaning brush and accompanying cloth, and comes packaged in a handy, giftable tin.

Sneaker Obsession book - This comprehensive illustrated history of the sneaker covers everything from athletic wear to street style, Run-DMC to Travis Scott, Reebok to Nike Air Force 1, and limited editions to sustainability.