Small and Mighty Book of Space

$9.00 USD

Small in size, MIGHTY in facts! The Small and Mighty Book of Space is a pocket-sized treasure trove of space information.

Find a wealth of facts, stats and profiles about the cosmos―including everything from the planets in the solar system to the number of stars in our galaxy. Discover the rockets that took us to the moon, the robots exploring mars, the astronauts that took part in the Space Race, and lots more.

Original vibrant illustrations and tons of fun facts make this an essential purchase for fans of space.

From the Introduction:

This little book is full of planets, moons, and more stars than you can shake a stick at. All these things lurk high above the air of planet Earth, drifting and spinning through space.

Discover how we can explore them with telescopes, rockets and robots too…. Turn the page, and meet the Universe!

Filled with bite-size facts and amazing illustrations, the Small and Mighty series is the ultimate pocket-sized collectible series for young readers who can't get enough of their favorite topic.