Sleeping Bunny

$115.00 USD

Embark on a journey of serenity and sweetness with our enchanting Sleeping Bunny gift set, designed to cocoon your little one in warmth and whimsy. Each element in this collection whispers tales of cuddles and dreams, promising to lull your baby into a world of peaceful slumber. Embrace the magic of bedtime rituals and treat your little bundle to the comfort and joy of Sleeping Bunny – a gift set that promises to make bedtime the sweetest part of the day.

Gift Includes:

Sammy + Nat Organic Knit Rattle - Create endless giggles and smiles for your little one with these organic cotton rattles.

Blue La La Rainbow Receiving Blanket - Made from 100% luxurious fine-loomed natural cotton fabric, this blanket caress for your baby's delicate skin. The breathability ensures optimal comfort, making it gentle enough for newborns while providing a warm and secure environment.

Alimrose Isabelle Bunny - Perfect for your mini storyteller, Isabelle Bunny invites endless possibilities for imaginative play. Unlike dolls based on a known character, she's defined by your child's imagination.