Safari Style: Exceptional African Camps and Lodges

$75.00 USD
Introducing "Safari Style: Exceptional African Camps and Lodges" – an extraordinary journey into the heart of luxury adventure travel curated by Melissa Biggs Bradley, a pioneer in the field, and renowned fashion photographer Guido Taroni. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Africa's premier eco-safari destinations through a visually stunning photographic volume that not only showcases exquisite interior décor but also pays homage to the vital role of photographic safaris in safeguarding endangered species and pristine wilderness areas.

Safari Style invites you to explore the breathtaking landscapes and innovative designs of 21st-century eco-safari destinations across seven countries. From the timeless allure of Kenya's classic lodges to the opulent resorts of South Africa and the eco-conscious camps of Rwanda, embark on a visual odyssey that captures the essence of Africa's diverse beauty and conservation efforts.

Handpicked for their exceptional wildlife enclaves, regionally inspired architecture, and interiors that reflect the spirit of the continent, these carefully selected properties redefine the luxury African experience. Whether it's the vast plains of Namibia, the lush wilderness of Zimbabwe, or the emerging eco-tourism hotspot Rwanda, each location has been chosen for its unique contribution to the safari narrative.

Immerse yourself in the lavish visuals captured by Guido Taroni, where each photograph tells a story of Africa's untamed beauty and the harmonious coexistence of luxury and conservation. This volume is not merely a collection of pictures but a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between modern safari experiences and the preservation of Africa's natural wonders.