S’more Fun

$180.00 USD

The S'more Fun gift set is the ideal choice for those who cherish the simple joys of gathering around a flickering flame, toasting marshmallows, and crafting s'mores that are simply irresistible. It's the ultimate gift for friends, family, or anyone with a passion for the sweet, gooey delight that is s'mores. Get ready for s'more fun and unforgettable moments with this exceptional collection.

Gift Includes:

S’mores book - No campsite? No problem! Author Lisa Adams gives suggestions for making s’mores on a barbecue, in the oven, over a stovetop, and on the hearth of your living room fireplace. S’mores shares over 60 ways to make unique and scrumptious treats this camping season. Enjoy the Banana Caramel, the Strawberry Shortcake, the Hazelnut Raspberry Brownie, the Biscotti Latte, and many, many s’more.

Flikr Mini Fireplace - Bundle Includes: Cement Unit, Base, and Lid. FLÎKR Fire is the Original Personal Fireplace that is fueled just by Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol! With just 5 oz of 70% or 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, you will get a 45-60 min burn time. Lined with felt it protects your surfaces. Dimensions: 5" l x 5" w x 5" h

S’mores Roasting Set -  Set of 4 roasting forks to make delicious, toasty s'mores.

Ticket Artisan S’mores Kit - portioned bar of the finest couverture chocolate, four vanilla-bean marshmallows, and eight freshly-baked honey vanilla graham crackers. Put them together and you have an indulgence unlike any other, outdoors or in.