Rainbow Twisted Mini Candles

$15.00 USD

Introducing our Rainbow Twisted Mini Candles – the ultimate store cupboard essential for all your celebratory needs! This extensive pack of 50 candles ensures you'll never run out of vibrant, party-ready candles again. Perfectly sized at 2.25 inches in height, these mini candles are ideal for decorating cakes or cupcakes, adding a touch of color and joy to your special moments.

Key Features: 

All the Colors of the Rainbow: Our Rainbow Twisted Mini Candles come in a stunning array of 25 vibrant colors, providing you with endless options to match any party theme or occasion. From bold reds to serene blues, these candles bring a burst of color to every celebration.

Pack of 50: With a generous pack of 50 candles, you'll have an abundant supply for numerous celebrations. Say goodbye to the stress of running out of candles and hello to the convenience of having this essential party accessory readily available in your cupboard.

Perfect Hostess Gift: Not just a party essential, our Rainbow Twisted Mini Candles also make for a delightful hostess gift. Show your appreciation in style by gifting this colorful set that adds a touch of festivity to any home.

Dimensions: Each candle stands at a perfect 2.25 inches in height, striking the ideal balance between subtlety and celebratory flair. Whether adorning a birthday cake or enhancing the charm of cupcakes, these mini candles are sure to make a statement.