Popcorn Cube

$16.00 USD

Sweet + Salty - Popcorn with the perfect balance of sweetness and salt and just the right crunch. When you have the choice between sweet and salty, always choose both. Our Sweet and Salty popcorn is an exquisite balance of two contrasting flavors, resulting in a crunchy popcorn that all of your taste buds will delight in.
This flavor has always been a bestseller but became even more popular after Oprah chose it as one of her favorite Popinsanity flavors in Oprah's Favorite Things of 2018 - and featured in O, The Oprah Magazine.

Classic Caramel - rich caramel-coated popcorn sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. A decadent take on a true classic, this is a flavor that is sure to please. Our luxuriously delicious popcorn is coated with a sophisticated blend of our finest deep caramel and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt for the perfect finishing touch.

Cinnamon Baked Apple - Home style apple glazed popcorn with a warm sprinkle of cinn-fully addictive spice. A distinctly aromatic flavor that will make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside & out. Home style apple & caramel glazed popcorn with a sprinkle of Saigon cinnamon for the perfect finishing touch. This nostalgic masterpiece will surely satisfy!

❤ Non-Dairy & Lactose-Free.
❤ Gluten-Free Ingredients.
❤ Vegan Friendly.
❤ Non-GMO Corn.
❤ OU Kosher (Parve).
❤ Handcrafted Fresh Daily.
6 Ounce fancy Acrylic Gift Box with raised gold logo. | Est. 4-month shelf life.