Pie Perfection

$160.00 USD

With Pie Perfection, you have all the tools and inspiration you need to embark on a delightful pie-making journey. Elevate your baking skills and explore the rich history of this beloved dessert, all while creating mouthwatering pies that will steal the show. Your path to pie perfection starts here!

Gift Includes:

Pie School book - This completely revised edition includes 20 brand-new pies, including an invitation to take your pie-making to the next level with local landrace grains and “difficult” fruits. Beyond the bake, Lebo also invites us to ruminate on the social history and meaning of pie in the pantheon of favorite foods

Pie Server - Dimensions: 3" l x 3" w x 2" h

Pie dish - Solid glazed ceramic pie plate with exposed clay rim. 7.25″ Base x 9.75″ Face x 1.5″ Height. 0.75 qt