Personalized Koko Duffle

$98.00 USD

Imagine how your image would boost if you presented yourself for that business trip looking all glam and colorful in your lovely skirt or trouser suit coupled with a matching personalized Koko duffle bag. The image you portray is sensational; it communicates your taste of class and mastery of fashion. BOMALINE attractive personalized duffle bags are ideal for your business travel plans, gym, sports, recreation events, and other uses.

The personalized Koko duffle bags are rectangular-shaped to spread their packing space horizontally for maximum storage and a classy look when carrying the bag around.
They are made using nylon, which gives them a shiny, attractive look and long-lasting durability. They are suitable for all your fashion needs and are long-lastingly usable.

• Made in Canada
• Weight: 1lb (453.59 g)

Note: This item includes personalization