One Color A Day

$50.00 USD

The One Color A Day gift set is designed for those who appreciate the therapeutic and expressive nature of art. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, this collection empowers you to infuse your daily life with vibrant color and artistic inspiration. Embrace the beauty of daily creativity and embark on a year-long artistic adventure with this remarkable ensemble.

Gift Includes:

One Color a Day Book - Make a time capsule of your year with watercolor.
One Color a Day: A Daily Art Practice and Visual Diary is a simple and meditative way to visually document each day. Within the book’s orderly grid layout, you simply paint a daily color and add a word or phrase that reflects your current mood, an observation, or an experience. The result is a visually stunning, deeply personal, and totally unique record of a year.

Art Philosophy Watercolor Confetti Set - An introductory set perfect for travel, sketching, basic water coloring, and more. This set provides all the basic watercolors you need in a sturdy metal tin and folds out well for easy color mixing.