Matzah Holder

$90.00 USD
  • Elevate your Seder table with our latest addition: a Vegan Leather Matzah Box. Meticulously designed to complete our Passover collection. It's the perfect example of style and functionality, offering a sophisticated way to serve and display Matzah during your family Seder without the messy crumbs.

    Crafted with premium vegan leather, this box has details like stitching along the sides, reflecting the signature modern design from Apeloig and the attention to detail that you've come to love and expect. The Hebrew inscription "Matzah" adorns the box.

    Available in Champagne and Silver, this Matzah Box is designed to harmoniously coordinate with our Seder plate, Matzah covers, and Afikomen bag, creating a stunning, unified look for your holiday celebration.

    Cleaning instructions: This product rarely gets dirty. Usually, shaking off the crumbs after each use does the trick to keep things neat. If the occasional bit of food or wine smudge happens, don’t panic. You can use a slightly damp paper towel to wipe things off.