Marigold Mornings

$216.00 USD

Wake up to the warmth of Marigold Mornings with our gift set, a delightful ensemble designed to infuse your mornings with sunshine and cheer. Embrace the magic of Marigold Mornings and let the sunshine in. Every morning is a fresh opportunity to bloom brighter.

Gift Includes:

Block Print Dish Towel - Hand block printing holds a long and rich history in Indian textiles. It’s a skilled craft, shared from generation to generation.

Block Print Apron - When you wear a hand-block-printed apron, the artistry shines through, and the beauty can be found in the variations of each print.

Stoneware Berry Bowl - Crafted with care, this 4-1/4" Round x 2-1/2"H bowl is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Made from high-quality stoneware, this bowl boasts durability that ensures it will be a long-lasting companion in your culinary adventures.

Gluggle Pitcher - The sound emanating from the fish’s mouth when liquid is poured at three-quarters full, has brought entertainment and novelty to dinner tables for nearly 150 years. And the popularity of this iconic, ever-so quirky jug increases with every generation.

Brightland HoneyCalifornia Orange Blossom Honey made from bees that forage on orange groves.

Breakfast: The Cookbook - Start the day with the definitive cookbook of authentic home-cooking breakfast dishes from around the world.