Liberty Manicure Set Gelato Stripe

$20.00 USD

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Introducing the Liberty Manicure Set in Gelato Stripe – your on-the-go solution for maintaining impeccably groomed nails wherever life takes you. This chic and compact accessory is designed for both home use and travel, ensuring your nails stay polished and perfect at all times.

Crafted for convenience, this manicure set features a delightful Gelato Stripe design, though the exact pattern may vary, adding a touch of style to your beauty routine.

The set includes five premium steel nail tools: nail clippers, scissors, nail cleaner, tweezers, and a nail file. Each tool is housed securely within the set's 12 x 7 x 1.5 cm dimensions, making it an ideal addition to your handbag or beauty bag.

The elasticated loops inside the set keep each tool in its designated place, preventing any jostling or damage during transit. Weighing a mere 85g, this lightweight yet durable manicure set is designed in Australia.

Maintaining your tools is a breeze with our simple care instructions. After each use, clean the tools with warm soapy water and allow them to air dry, ensuring longevity and hygiene. Elevate your nail care routine with the Liberty Manicure Set in Gelato Stripe – where style meets functionality, anytime, anywhere.