Laurel Menorah Gift Wrap

$12.00 USD

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Elevate your holiday gifting to a new level of elegance with our Laurel Menorah Gift Wrap—a stunning fusion of artistry and tradition. This wrapping roll is a celebration in itself, featuring eight feet of coated text weight paper adorned with vibrant illustrations, opulent gold foil accents, and thoughtful gridlines on the back for a seamless wrapping experience.

Unveil the beauty of your gifts with a roll that spans 96 inches in length and 30 inches in width—providing an ample canvas for wrapping presents, crafting projects, and adding a touch of festive splendor to any occasion.

Crafted from coated text weight paper, this Laurel Menorah Gift Wrap exudes a luxurious feel while maintaining durability for a flawless presentation. The full-color printing and meticulous foil stamping add a touch of sophistication, making each wrap a work of art.

Metallic gold foil accents dance across the paper, adding a shimmering brilliance to the intricate illustrations of the menorah and laurel, creating a visual symphony of elegance and tradition.

This wrapping roll isn't just visually stunning—it's designed for ease of use. The inclusion of gridlines on the back ensures precise cutting and wrapping, making the process effortless and enjoyable.