Great Escapes Europe. The Hotel Book

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The "Great Escapes Europe: The Hotel Book" – your passport to the most enchanting accommodations across the European continent. Curated by travel aficionado Angelika Taschen, this meticulously updated guide takes you on a journey from a historic 150-year-old Portuguese estate to the serene retreat of Budsjord in Norway, marking the final destination on one of the loneliest pilgrimage routes globally.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Europe's hidden gems as Taschen unveils postcard-worthy photography capturing the essence of each featured hotel. Whether you seek the rustic charm of a centuries-old estate or the tranquility of a pilgrimage stop, "Great Escapes Europe" is your insider's guide to unparalleled experiences.

Explore a curated collection of Europe's most stunning accommodations, handpicked for their unique charm and character. And immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals with postcard-ready photography showcasing each hotel's distinctive ambiance and surroundings.

Plan your escape with ease using detailed directions, essential contact details, and insider tips for each featured hotel. Enhance your travel experience with curated reading recommendations that complement the spirit of each destination.