Floral Libations

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Introducing "Floral Libations, 41 Fragrant Drinks & Ingredients" by Cassie Winslow—a captivating journey into the world of exquisite, edible flowers. Elevate your beverage experience with this carefully curated collection of 41 enchanting recipes that seamlessly blend the playful creativity of fashion, the delectability of food, and the sheer beauty of flowers—all captured in one visually stunning glass.

Whether you're organizing a baby shower, hosting a Mother's Day brunch, celebrating a wedding, or simply entertaining guests, Floral Libations offers something for everyone. The recipes, meticulously crafted by Cassie Winslow, cater to diverse tastes and preferences, accommodating both alcohol and non-alcohol preferences. Delight your senses with imaginative concoctions like the Iced Lavender Café au Lait, Rose Petal Almond Milk, Dandelion Tea Cinnamon Cappuccino, Hibiscus Old Fashioned, Plum Rosewater Gin and Tonic, and the refreshing Orange Blossom Moscow Mule.

Unlock the secrets to creating your own scrumptious and sophisticated floral cocktails by incorporating pantry staples infused with the essence of flowers. Cassie Winslow's expertise shines through as she provides practical tips on where to source edible flowers, guidance on choosing between fresh and dried blooms, insights on cultivating your own edible flower garden, and innovative ideas for integrating florals into various culinary creations.