Drum Light Bluetooth Speaker

$75.00 USD

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Introducing the Drum Light Bluetooth Speaker: A Fusion of Style, Sound, and Innovation!

Elevate your auditory and visual experience with the Drum Light Bluetooth Speaker, a marvel of modern technology and exquisite design. This drum-shaped sculpture seamlessly combines an alluring light and an exceptional sound speaker, delivering a multisensory delight in one sleek package.

Key Features:

- Enjoy the beauty of ambient light or immerse yourself in high-quality sound – the Drum Light Bluetooth Speaker offers both at your fingertips. 
- Stand it, flip it, or lay it down; this speaker adapts to your preferences for light, sound, or both simultaneously.
- Elevate your audio experience by pairing with another Drum Light Speaker for a powerful stereo sound. - Effortlessly control the speaker through your phone, providing convenience and flexibility.