Cozy Backgammon

$260.00 USD

Introducing Cozy Backgammon – the ultimate gift box designed to bring warmth and entertainment to your cozy retreats. It's a promise of snug moments, strategic games, and the rich flavors of gourmet indulgence. Whether you're planning a quiet night in or looking for the perfect gift for a friend, this curated set combines comfort and entertainment in the most delightful way. Unwrap the Cozy Backgammon experience, and let the coziness and fun begin.

What's included:

Verloop throw blanket - Cotton-weight jacquard knit throw, made with repurposed deadstock yarn

Printworks backgammon set - 20th century style backgammon set for play or display.

Moonstruck cinnamon hot cocoa - Milk hot chocolate spiced with cinnamon and a dash of almond.

Moonstruck chocolate bar - 68% Dark chocolate with deep roasted notes and a hint of fruit.