California Living

$195.00 USD

The California Living is not just a curated gift, it's an invitation to savor the vibrant flavors, the eco-conscious living, and the cultural tapestry of California. Whether you're a native Californian or an enthusiast from afar, this gift captures the essence of the Golden State and its unmatched way of life. Share it with someone special or indulge in a slice of California from the comfort of your own home. Dive into the California Living experience and let the journey begin.

Gift Includes:

California: Living + Eating - is a glorious celebration of Californian food, looking at its history and origins and journeying through the state’s varied landscape, from Sonoma’s rolling vineyards to the deserts of Palm Springs, via the foodie hotspots of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Brighland olive oil - Made in California and made from fresh basil expertly milled with Arbosana olives. Bursting with basil flavor, this superfood brightens and nourishes, body and soul.

Brightland honeyCalifornia Orange Blossom Honey made from bees that forage on orange groves.

Bibol bamboo bowl - Handmade Food-safe bamboo bowl.