Breathe Little Luxe Eau De Parfum

$11.00 USD

Introducing the Breathe Little Luxe Eau De Perfum – your passport to elegance and sophistication, perfectly designed for those on-the-go moments. Lollia presents this signature fragrance in a travel-friendly size, ensuring you can carry the enchanting aura of Breathe with you wherever life takes you.

With a delicate blend of ruffled Peony and White Lily, accentuated by sheer notes of fresh Grapefruit and Orange, Breathe Little Luxe Eau de Parfum captures the essence of a blooming garden. Immerse yourself in the fresh air impression, complemented by leafy green notes that transport you to mossy forest paths, creating a sensorial experience that lingers throughout the day.

The design of this petite treasure is nothing short of enchanting – adorned with floating peonies and a touch of gold, it mirrors the elegance within. The perfect miniature companion to the full-size Eau de Parfum, this little luxe bottle is a visual delight that complements the aromatic symphony it holds within.

Travel light with dimensions of .875" W x 2.125" H x 1" D, ensuring that Breathe Little Luxe Eau de Parfum effortlessly fits into your purse or pocket. With a fill weight of 0.27 fl oz./ 7.9ml, you can indulge in the luxury of this captivating fragrance whenever you desire, making every moment an opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate your senses.