Birthday Wishes Gift Bag

$5.00 USD

Celebrate the joy of giving with our exquisite Birthday Wishes Gift Bag—a delightful blend of charm, elegance, and thoughtful details. Designed to elevate your gifting experience, this bag goes beyond the ordinary, featuring enchanting extras such as gold foil accents, luxurious metallic cotton ribbon handles, and a coordinating “To” and “From” tag that adds a personalized touch to your thoughtful gesture.

Small (S): 6" L × 4.5" W
Medium (M): 9.5" L × 8" W

Choose the perfect size for your gift, ensuring a tailored and polished presentation for any birthday celebration.

Crafted from uncoated paper with a luxurious metallic cotton ribbon handle, this gift bag exudes quality and sophistication. The bag is printed in full color and foil stamped, adding a touch of opulence that makes it stand out from the rest. The metallic gold foil accents bring a shimmering elegance to the design, making your gift bag a visual delight. The metallic cotton ribbon handles not only provide a comfortable grip but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the bag.

A cardboard floor insert ensures that the bag maintains its shape and structure, adding to its durability and making it a reusable keepsake.