Bagel Brunch

$60.00 USD

The Bagel Brunch gift set is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the comfort and versatility of bagels, spreads, and flavorful ingredients. With a brunch-inspired book and a delectable ingredient mix, this collection empowers you to craft brunch experiences that are rich in taste and creativity. Embrace the joy of brunch and savor the classic flavors of bagels with this exceptional ensemble.

Gift Includes:

Bagels, Shmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish book - A playful-yet-comprehensive cookbook that lets anyone create bagels, schmears, and other deli favorites at home. Bagel lovers rejoice! This delightful cookbook makes it easy to bake fresh bagels in your own kitchen with just five base ingredients and simple techniques. With advice on mixing the dough, shaping the bagels, proofing, boiling, baking, slicing, and storing, you will be a master bagel-maker in no time.

Everything Bagel Ingredient MixMake a dozen fresh everything bagels with this handy refill mix. It’s got all the ingredients you need to make a dozen of these New York classics.

*Mix Includes: Baking Yeast, Malt Powder, Everything Spice Mix.
**Needed but not included: Egg