A Big Deal Giant Playing Cards

$18.00 USD

Introducing A Big Deal Giant Playing Cards by Brass Monkey – because when it comes to winning big, size matters! These colossal cards redefine the meaning of oversized, measuring a whopping 4.5" wide by 7" tall. Packaged in a sturdy paper-wrapped box, it's a statement piece for your coffee table.

Unleash the grandeur of a 54-card deck, complete with uniquely designed cards, including those elusive jokers. Crafted with a bold, vintage-inspired aesthetic, these giant cards make an impression even before the game begins. The rigid box, measuring 5.125" wide by 7.5" tall and 1.75" deep, is not just a container; it's a showcase for your love of card games.

Designed for the world's largest game of solitaire or any other card game you have in mind, each detail has been meticulously oversized – right down to the pull-out matchbox style tray inside the box. The little (or should we say, big) things matter, and that's why even the sticker seal on the box is larger than life.