12-in-1 Screwdriver Multi-Tool

$35.00 USD


Introducing the Gentlemen's Hardware 12-in-1 Screwdriver Multi-Tool – your go-to solution for all your tightening and loosening needs. Say goodbye to loose screws and hello to versatility with this meticulously crafted multi-angle ratchet head screwdriver.

Designed for the modern handyman, this 12-in-1 Screwdriver Multi-Tool is a powerhouse of functionality. Equipped with 12 interchangeable steel bits, it effortlessly tackles any screw or nail, making it an essential companion for odd jobs around the house. No more fumbling through drawers searching for the right tool – our multi-tool has you covered.

The highlight of this multi-tool is its innovative multi-angle ratchet head, allowing it to swivel and lock in 5 different positions. This feature ensures that you can reach screws at any angle, making it a must-have for those tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Whether you're tightening a cabinet hinge or loosening a stubborn bolt, this screwdriver adapts to your needs.

Compact and convenient, the multi-angle screwdriver measures 6" in length, 1.25" in width, and 1.25" in depth, making it the perfect size for easy handling and storage. It comes securely packaged in a printed box, ready to be presented as a thoughtful and practical gift for any DIY enthusiast.