100% Luxury Cotton Swaddle Receiving Baby Blanket - Unicorn

$35.00 USD

Introducing our 100% Luxury Cotton Swaddle Receiving Baby Blanket – the epitome of comfort, crafted with precision for your little one's tender moments. Our lightweight and breathable design make it the perfect companion for your baby's journey into the world.

Made from 100% luxurious fine-loomed natural cotton fabric, this blanket caress for your baby's delicate skin. The breathability ensures optimal comfort, making it gentle enough for newborns while providing a warm and secure environment.

Versatility meets durability with our 36" x 32" blanket – the ideal size for strollers, car seats, cribs, and bassinets. Whether you choose to use it as a wrap, swaddle, or cuddle blanket, this versatile piece is designed to adapt to your baby's needs. Its lightweight nature is perfect for all seasons, keeping your baby cozy during winter and comfortable in warmer weather.

For your convenience, our Luxury Cotton Swaddle is machine washable, and it dries effortlessly on low tumble settings. The thoughtful packaging adds an extra touch of elegance, presented in a textured ribbon, tagged, and poly-bagged for a delightful unboxing experience.