150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die

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A selection of the 150 loveliest international restaurants, that each have a unique story to tell. An exclusive selection made by popular food blogger Amélie Vincent “Reflecting the international food scene, this book presents a bucket list showing today's most inspiring gourmet experiences.” - Amélie Vincent

Finding the ultimate dining experience around the world might be challenging and can be disappointing. From Paris (Plaza Athénée, Septime) and Mexico City (Quintonil, Lorea) to Tokyo (Den, Florilège, Sushi Saito), Amélie Vincent, also known as The Foodalist, selects 150 must-visit restaurants around the world in her latest book 150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die. These culinary hotspots promise a unique experience to the diners through exquisite menus, original designs, and creative chefs. Founder of The Foodalist Communication Agency (, Amélie Vincent is an expert in revealing culinary trends worldwide. She has the world's best chefs in her network and works with the most influential media worldwide. Thanks to her photographer eye and her experience as a culinary journalist, 150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die is the ultimate bucket list for every single foodie and gourmet traveler and the sequel to the equally standout book 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die.

Hardcover, 250 pages.