AWAKE Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Introducing AWAKE Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a culinary masterpiece for the discerning palate! Elevate your kitchen experience with our bold and robust cold-pressed olive oil, meticulously crafted for the connoisseur in you. Whether you're roasting, sautéing, enhancing soups, perfecting stews, or indulging in the simple pleasure of dipping fresh bread, AWAKE is your culinary companion, adding a touch of sophistication to every dish.

Made exclusively with early-harvest Arbequina olives, sourced from small family farms nestled in California's Central Coast, AWAKE captures the essence of freshness and flavor. The olives undergo a masterful cold-pressing process within a swift 90 minutes of harvest, ensuring that each bottle encapsulates the purest essence of the olive grove.

Tantalize your taste buds with AWAKE's distinct tasting notes – a symphony of herbaceous, green, grassy, and artichoke flavors that come together to create a truly complex and delightful experience. The November 2022 harvest guarantees the optimal ripeness of the olives, contributing to the exceptional quality that defines AWAKE.

Packaged in a stylish 375 ML/12.7 fl oz glass bottle, AWAKE not only pleases the palate but also stands as a testament to its commitment to quality. The bottle is UV-coated to shield the precious olive oil from potentially damaging light, preserving its freshness and ensuring that every drop delivers an unparalleled taste sensation.