Planet Blocks

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Introducing the captivating and educational Planet Blocks—a set of 9 thoughtfully crafted 1.75-inch cubes, meticulously designed to ignite curiosity and exploration of our solar system. Each block in this set encapsulates the wonders of the celestial bodies in our cosmos, from Mercury to Pluto, the bonus dwarf planet. Crafted from sustainable Midwestern basswood and adorned with safe-to-touch inks, these blocks are not only eco-conscious but also safe for young explorers aged 2 and above.

Two debossed sides on each block feature the planet's symbol, name, and the number of moons it hosts, allowing for tactile exploration and recognition. The other four sides of the blocks reveal intricate planet illustrations, along with essential data including the planet's diameter, position in our solar system, and distance from the sun.

This set encourages inquisitive minds to delve into the mysteries of our planetary neighbors.
Questions abound: Which planet harbors the most moons? Which one has the fewest? What's the closest planet to Earth? And which stands as the most distant? Discover the largest and smallest planets, engaging in endless learning and comparison.

The possibilities are endless. Arrange the blocks in sequence according to their order from the sun, or create aesthetically pleasing stacks to satisfy your eye for color and design.

Proudly made in the USA, these blocks are crafted from sustainable Midwestern basswood and printed with non-toxic, child-safe inks. The durable construction ensures a long-lasting exploration of the cosmos.