Sudoku With Some Balls Sudoku Game Set

$30.00 USD

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Get ready to reinvent your Sudoku gameplay with the Sudoku With Some Balls Sudoku Game Set. Say goodbye to traditional numbers and dive into a world of colorful wooden balls and exciting challenges.

Instead of numbers, this set features 81 painted wooden ball pieces that nest into the holes of the game board. The colorful balls add a fun and vibrant twist to the classic Sudoku.

Included is a gamebook with hundreds of puzzles. Challenge yourself or enjoy friendly competitions with friends. Whether you prefer to solve puzzles alone or collaborate, there are endless opportunities to test your skills.

This set is not just about fun; it's designed for convenience too. With everything, including the game board, fitting neatly into the display-worthy box, it's the perfect travel companion. Whether you're on a road trip or simply want to play during downtime, this set is ready to go.

The Sudoku Game Set comes in a stylish box that measures 7.8" square and 2.8" deep. It's not only practical but also a display-worthy addition to your collection.