Stirred Cocktail Set

$125.00 USD

Whether you're crafting classic cocktails or experimenting with your creations, the Stirred Cocktail Set provides the tools you need to stir, shake, and pour with finesse. Upgrade your home bar and master the art of mixology with this exceptional set. It's the ideal gift for cocktail aficionados and a must-have addition to any home bar setup.

Set Includes:

Bull in China Flagship Mixing Glass - Elevate your mixing game with our durable and seamless mixing glass, proudly showcasing the Bull in China flagship design. Crafted for both form and function, this mixing glass not only looks great but is also designed to endure the rigors of cocktail preparation. It's a statement piece for any home bar.

Teardrop Barspoon (12 inches) - The Teardrop barspoon is your versatile, balanced, and weighted companion in the art of cocktail stirring. Its ergonomic design and ideal length make it the perfect tool for effortlessly mixing and layering ingredients, ensuring that your cocktails are perfectly balanced and expertly crafted.

2:1 Bell Jigger (with internal measures) - Included in the set is our signature Hammered Bell Jigger. This jigger is a testament to precision and style, offering both 2:1 and internal measures for accurate pouring. Its elegant design and practical functionality make it an essential tool for every mixologist.