Star of David Charms Necklace

$45.00 USD

Introducing the Star of David Charms Necklace – your perfect accessory to showcase your star power with subtlety and style. Our Dangle Necklace is the epitome of dainty and dazzling, offering the ideal balance for those who appreciate understated elegance with a touch of glamour. 

Designed exclusively for women and girls, our Jewish Star charm necklace features seven delicate six-pointed stars of David, gracefully dancing on a single chain. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail make this necklace a timeless symbol of faith and fashion.

Crafted with precision, the metal elements of this necklace are Sterling silver dipped in 14k gold, delivering a luxurious and enduring quality. Choose between the classic appeal of sterling silver or the opulence of 14k gold, both promising to elevate your style quotient.

Adding a touch of sparkle, the stones incorporated into the design are Cubic Zircon and a dazzling Diamond totaling 0.06ct. The brilliant shimmer of these stones enhances the charm of the necklace, creating a piece that effortlessly transitions from day to night.