Shaken Cocktail Set

$100.00 USD

Invest in quality, style, and functionality with our Shaken Cocktail Set. Whether you prefer the classic shine of stainless steel or the timeless allure of copper or brass, we have the perfect finish to match your aesthetic. Make every cocktail a work of art with this exceptional cocktail set.

Elevate your mixology skills and become the envy of every home bar with the Shaken Cocktail Set. Order now and shake up your cocktail game like never before!

Set Includes:

Weighted Shaker Tins - Our Shaken Cocktail Set features a set of weighted shaker tins, including a 28oz tin and an 18oz cheater tin. These tins are expertly crafted to provide the ideal balance and control during your shaking process, ensuring that your cocktails come out perfectly chilled and well-mixed.

Hawthorne Strainer (Made in USA) - The Hawthorne strainer included in this set is proudly made in the USA, guaranteeing top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of finishes to match your style:

  • Silver and Rainbow Chrome (Stainless Steel version)
  • Copper (100% Solid Copper version)
  • Gold and Antique Brass (100% Brass version)
  • Gunmetal Black (Matte Black version)

Fine Mesh Strainer - The 3.5" fine mesh strainer is an essential tool for straining out small ice shards and other impurities from your cocktails, ensuring a silky-smooth texture in every sip.

Bell Jigger with Internal Measures - Our Shaken Cocktail Set includes a 2:1 bell jigger with convenient internal measures. The 1oz side measures of 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75oz, while the 2oz side measures 1.5oz. This signature Hammered Bell Jigger is not only practical but also adds a touch of elegance to your mixology tools.