Sami Tiny Star of David Necklace

$30.00 USD

Introducing the Sami Tiny Charming Star of David Necklace – a captivating piece that beautifully encapsulates the symbolism and significance of the Star of David. This exquisite necklace features a delicate six-pointed star, meticulously crafted from two overlapping equilateral triangles, one pointing upwards and the other downwards.

Known as the Shield of David, this iconic star is revered for its protective qualities against malevolent forces, making it a meaningful and cherished accessory for those seeking spiritual connection and safeguarding. Beyond its protective nature, the Star of David also represents the harmonious unity between the masculine and feminine energies.

Wear the Charming Little Star of David Necklace with pride to express and honor your faith. The pendant measures a dainty 16 inches, perfectly adorning your neckline with its subtle charm. The chain is expertly crafted from durable brass, ensuring longevity and resilience. What sets this necklace apart is the rhodium plating that coats the brass chain, preventing discoloration and preserving its brilliant shine over time.