Ready Set Soccer

$128.00 USD

The Ready Set Soccer gift set is the perfect choice for those who live and breathe soccer and those looking to embrace the sport's rich history and culture. With a book that celebrates soccer legends and a stylish cleat pouch, this collection equips you to deepen your passion for soccer and look the part as you hit the field. Immerse yourself in the world of soccer and gear up for unforgettable moments with this exceptional ensemble.

Gift Includes:

Gods of Soccer Book -
From the hosts of the popular podcast and tv show Men in Blazers, comes their completely scientific, 100% definitive, defend-to-the-death list of the greatest soccer players of all time. Every fan has their own list of the 100 soccer players they consider the greatest ever to play the game. A list based on triumphs, sublime moments of skill, superhuman tenacity, and telenovela-esque backstories. To the list-maker, that 100 feels objective. Unequivocal. An absolute truth. This is one such list. 

Cleat Pouch - The design features a beautifully weathered vintage Australian football boot made in 1969, making it the wash bag every football lover should have. Measures 25cm x 12cm x 11cm and is lightweight, highly durable and features 3 polyester internal pockets and a nylon zipper.