Ptora Olive Oil Bottle

$15.00 USD

Gifted is pleased to bring Adeena Sussman's favorite olive oil - Ptora - to you as we celebrate the release of Shabbat - the cookbook.

Inspired by his dream of working the land and growing crops in harmony with nature, Shmuel Tamir settled and revitalized a previously barren part of southern Israel in 1956, becoming an inadvertent agricultural pioneer. Shmuel planted his first olive tree during the 1970s in a small plot of land in Lakhish, an area of great historical and agricultural importance, famous also for its stunning vistas and distinct ecosystems. His son, Noam, continued the legacy by expanding the farm and then passed the reigns to his son, Ido who combined modern, innovative techniques and technology with traditional farming methods which reinvented the business into Ptora, the internationally reputable olive oil producer it is today.

200 ml. bottle