Painted Rain Hat

$25.00 USD

For this rain hat we have re-used one plastic bottle ... and recycled another element from the past: the works from known and lesser-known artists that all left us with great riches to enjoy for eternity.

Bosschaert - This waterproof bucket hat is inspired by one of the many joyful flower paintings the Dutch painter Ambrosius Bosschaert painted throughout his life (1573-1621). Here, he has visualised over 30 different flower species in a very detailed & colorful manner. However, it is interesting to note that this bouquet is absolutely impossible to gather in real life. The flowers depicted simply can’t blossom in the same season, not to mention the fact that flowers were priceless in the 17th century!

Ruysch - In art, color is the essential ingredient. It’s the balance of specific colors which make every painting unique and thus, connects to our senses. This reusable shopper is inspired by one of the many colorful paintings made by the 17th/18th-century painter Rachel Ruysch. The pattern design reveals the color palette behind this simple, yet touching flower still life, painted at the age of 76 with behind her a life full of family happiness and professional succes.
Let art sparkle up your life!

Made in Netherlands
Weight: 60 g