Organic Scented Candle - Wildflower Meadow

$35.00 USD

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The blooming poppies, the colorful cornflower, the lush buttercups and the soothing chamomile will take you on a trip through your wildest sunny dreams.

The sun is set, the candle lit. Enjoy the sweet scent of spring. This scented candle is made from organic wax and contains the highest quality essence, so you can enjoy a fantastic aroma in any setting. The glass candle container is 100% upcycled and handcrafted from a bottle, while the candle box is made from upcycled cardboard tubes.

Color: Frosted white | Set: 1 piece | Material: IWAS a bottle | Burning Time: 18 - 20 hrs | Weight: 200 gr or 0,44 lbs