Octagon One Plus Portable Alarm Clock Desk Light

$190.00 USD

The New Octagon One Plus Desk Lamp inherited the same elegant design of our global multi-award winning Octagon One Desk Lamp, but it’s now incorporated with our popular Click Clock in the hexagon base and made of 100% sustainable natural wood.

This smart design isn’t just simply combining the best of simplicity and natural material to achieve its modern industrial aesthetic, but has also solved our everyday space-saving dilemmas, by creating an alarm clock and light into one sculptural-like unit. Leaving space for the more important things in our lives..

The focal point of this design is a beautiful CNC milled hexagon natural wood base with touch control face. The in-built rechargeable battery makes it to be a totally wireless desk lamp and allows it to be positioned at four different angles. Mounted in the base is a CNC milled piece of natural wood which contains 36 high quality strong LED light beads with light diffusing cover.