Ntyazo Wavy Basket

$64.00 USD

Introducing the Ntyazo Wavy Basket – a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance, handwoven with care by our skilled artisans in Gitarama, Rwanda. Elevate your home decor with this exquisite sisal and sweetgrass woven bowl, a true testament to the artistry and tradition of Rwandan craftsmanship.

Made from locally sourced sisal, this unique basket is meticulously woven around sweetgrass, infusing a subtle sweetness and delightful fragrance into your living space. The Ntyazo Wavy Basket not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also brings a piece of Rwandan culture and heritage to your home.

Measuring 11" wide and standing at 4" tall, this versatile basket is perfect for various uses. Whether placed in your entryway to catch keys and essentials or gracing your coffee table as a captivating centerpiece, the Ntyazo Wavy Basket effortlessly combines form and function.

The handmade nature of this basket ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind, with the skilled hands of our artisans imbuing it with character and charm. The weaving technique reflects the rich cultural heritage of Rwanda, making this basket a unique and meaningful addition to your home.