Moso Bamboo 5.5oz Small Jar Candle

$22.00 USD

Introducing the Moso Bamboo 5.5oz Small Jar Candle by Voluspa – a captivating fusion of luxury and sustainability. Elevate your ambiance with this exquisite candle, meticulously crafted to enhance your sensory experience.

Hand-poured in the United States, our Moso Bamboo candle is encased in a 5.5 oz. glass embossed vessel, creating an aesthetic masterpiece that complements any space. The vessel is adorned with an elegant matching lid, not only adding a touch of sophistication but also preserving the candle's purity by keeping it dust-free when not in use.

Experience the allure of Voluspa's unique coconut wax blend, expertly formulated for a clean and eco-friendly burn. The single wick design ensures an extended fragrance throw, allowing you to indulge in the soothing aroma of Moso Bamboo for an impressive 50 hours.

The proprietary coconut wax blend is free of phthalates, pesticides, parabens, and sulfates – ensuring a pure and non-toxic experience. Furthermore, our candles are never tested on animals, reflecting our dedication to cruelty-free practices.

After enjoying the enchanting glow of Moso Bamboo, up-cycle this best-selling jar candle into a cherished keepsake. The durable glass vessel makes for a stylish and sustainable addition to your home décor.