MINI French Lavender Bundle

$20.00 USD

Introducing our exquisite MINI French Lavender Bundle – a touch of Provence, France, right in your boutique. Sourced directly from the lavender fields of Provence, where the time-honored traditions of growing, harvesting, and drying lavender create an unparalleled aromatic experience.

Each mini bouquet, meticulously crafted, exudes the natural fragrance of freshly dried lavender. Nestled in a charming Kraft paper wrap and adorned with a rustic jute rope, these petite bundles are a delightful addition to your decor.

At a perfect 6" in length, our Mini French Lavender Bundle is designed to be the focal point of your tablescape, decorative shelf, or mantle. Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of lavender, bringing the beauty and charm of Provence into your surroundings.

Please be aware that a few lavender buds may gently fall off during transportation, showcasing the authenticity of this handpicked and carefully dried lavender. Embrace the essence of Provence with our MINI French Lavender Bundle – where tradition meets modern sophistication in the heart of your boutique.