Make your own gin kit - The Gentleman

$50.00 USD
Create dapper gin using refined botanicals

This kit makes two bottles of gin and as the kits contain no alcohol there is no need for a licence to retail this product.

Treat the man in your life by giving him his own bespoke gin blend. In less than 24 hours he can create his own infusion, his way. Simply add one of our craft botanical blend sachets to any vodka and let the magic take place.

Ideal for Father’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. It’s the ultimate expression of creativity for the dashing man of refinement, but with no expertise or previous experience required. Also included here are our carefully curated gin toppers, selected to each add an extra dash of flavour in the glass.

This kit contains: 700ml Italian glass bottle, label, filter papers, funnel, sieve, two botanical mix sachets (which include juniper berries), gin toppers to further dress the G&T on serving and instructions card.

Proudly made in the UK by Gin Etc